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Our word has value! The solar power systems and SunDrops mobile power plants are planned or developed by 1stLevelSolar GmbH. Our know-how enables customer-specific solutions to be planned and implemented without any problems.


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Solar power plants in any size

Regardless of whether it is 2 kW or 2 MW, we plan, deliver, install and maintain photovoltaic systems of all sizes. Grid-connected with or without emergency power supply and, of course, island systems.

Here you will find the latest information, trends, products and solutions that our company offers.

SunDrops - the mobile solar power plant

The mobile solar power plant for electricity anywhere. SunDrops solar mobiles provide free and environmentally friendly electricity for agricultural irrigation, drinking water treatment and the operation of electrical devices, no matter where, no matter when.

SunDrops - Control

Radio soil moisture measuring system

SunDrops - the mobile solar power plant delivers electricity wherever it is needed, producing up to 2000 liters / hour. Drinking water, supplies solar pumps with a delivery head of up to 200 meters or a flow rate of 70 m³ / h.