PV systems from 1stLevelSolar GmbH. are installed according to standards and perfectly planned

Perfect planning is a must for a perfect PV system

With the help of the planning, all necessary components are determined and a performance calculation enables the profitability of the investment to be checked in advance.


Due to the precise planning, there are no surprises and associated additional costs when implementing the project

Assembly and installation




After all approvals have been received, we begin the ordering process for all required components.

As soon as these have arrived and the weather cooperates, we start with delivery, construction site equipment and assembly.

Systems with a size of 5 - 6 kWp are usually completed in one day.

After completion, the system will be put into operation together with the customer. Of course, there is also training and the handover of the system documents.

The system is reported to the respective utility company as finished and can then start operation.

Maintenance and remote monitoring

We maintain and monitor all large customer systems in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to possible failures. Every kWh not produced, is money lost!

In the course of on-site maintenance, all modules are cleaned, checked for damage and tightened clamps.

The cable ducts are inspected as well as the yield data. Measurements of the module and string lines show possible problems in the modules or lines at a very early point in time.


The maintenance log gives our customers the security of achieving the best possible yield in the years to come.